Donny Mac


教練名稱:Donny Mac

教學系統:AIDA、SSI、 Molchanovs


教練等級:AIDA Instructor、SSI Level 2 Instructor、Molchanovs Instructor

所屬潛店:Freedive Taiwan 台灣自由潛水

Donny Mac


The Instructor:

Donny Mac is your instructor. Originally from Scotland, he has lived in many countries over the last 15 years and decided to settle in Taiwan 7 years ago.

He is madly in love with the ocean and with freediving, and thinks sharing his passion is the best way to live his life.

Donny has completed freediving instructor programs with AIDA, Molchanovs and SSI. He is the host of the world’s only dedicated freediving podcast, The Freedive Café, where he interviews the world’s most knowledgeable and interesting freediving personalities.

Donny is committed to providing the highest standards of freediving education while guiding you to your true potential in the ocean with patience and encouragement.

The School:

Freedive Taiwan is Taiwan’s first and only dedicated English-language freediving centre and offers AIDA and Molchanovs freediving courses in the beautiful waters of Xiao Liuqiu Island, off Taiwan’s southern coast.

Enjoy the highest standards of professional freediving education in year-round, warm tropical waters with abundant sea life.

All courses include FREE accommodation, equipment hire and certification fees.

Freedive Taiwan 在台灣南部小琉球美麗的海域提供 AIDA 自由潛水課程的教學和訓練

在有著大量海洋生物和長年溫暖的熱帶海水中, 享受最高標準的專業自由潛水教育課程.

所有課程皆包含住宿, 裝備租借, 以及認證費用.

我們提供英文和中文課程, 也可以配合你的需要做時間安排

授課費用/Teaching Fee: AIDA1 (1 day, 6600TWD) AIDA2/Wave 1 (4 days, 13,250TWD) AIDA3 (4/5 days, 17,250TWD)

授課地點:Xiao Liuqiu Island

Contact Information:

Personal Website:, (The Freedive Cafe Podcast)


Donny Mac Donny MacDonny MacDonny Mac

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