Pacific Rim Cup 2019

Pacific Rim Cup 2019 環太平洋自由潛水泳池賽 開放報名

Pacific Rim Cup 2019環太平洋自由潛水泳池賽


Taiwan’s freediving international competition, Standard swimming pool three project competition. Whether you have any competition experienced or not, we warmly welcome you to participate in Pacific Rim Cup 2019. Registration is opening now.

關於比賽獎項/About the competition awards:

除了STA、DNF、DYN三個項目裡,在DYN 中分別取單蹼與雙蹼的男女第一名外,更增設團體獎與新人獎。

In addition to the STA, DNF, and DYN discipline, in the DYN, the first place for male and female we took fin and bifins one each, and the addition of the group award and the newcomer award.

新人獎/Newcomer Award:


Learning to freedive under two years, have no participated in any freedive competitions, taking the first place in total points.

團體獎Group Award:


More than two people can form the team, take the team’s top three for the total score, we take the top three teams. If an individual participates or does not form a team, will be attributed to the “Ms.Ocean” team.

選手村/Competition Village:


For foreign, the conference can provide applications for cooperative accommodation. Single room, double room, three bed room with share toilet, NTD 800-1500 / night. The number is limited,Please apply as soon as possible.